Dr. Kuiljeit as a professional and humanitarian is creating a paradigm shift in the preparation of a society with competence, enviable image, confidence and social conditioning that can have an  influence on our country’s growth and image at large. She is on a global mission to create potent persona’s of individuals that articulate stability, authenticity and consistency for success in today’s dynamic world. In other words, a splendid image not just for India, but also the world!

As an Image Scientist and Educationist, she is making a positive difference to thousands of individuals from all walks of life, ages and profiles across lands in building their self worth, persona and image. Her invention PIQ and scientifically devised concepts of PRIM and D-PRIM help individuals to assess and improve their persona and image to become more effective to meet global challenges, and manage their digital footprints in today’s world. She has also initiated training of PRIM for individuals and organizations.

Dr. Kuiljeit happily bid adieu to her corporate employee label at the zenith of her career, because she had a calling to make a positive difference to the image of the youth and women of India. Her dream crystallized into reality with her dynamic mission, which she lovingly calls ‘PRIM Worldwide: Mission Possible’ to make a positive difference to the image of the youth and women of India. She has trained thousands of youth and faculty from the higher education segment as part of her ongoing mission. She aims to be able to reach out to every possible individual, especially girls who are relatively economically challenged, in this journey of hers and make a positive difference to their lives. This, in her words is ‘her duty’ to do something for her beloved country that made her whatever she is today; and later, advance beyond its geographical boundaries to the youth and women of the world. She has also made a positive difference to hundreds of women from all walks of life across India in building their self worth, image and confidence.

At another personal level, Dr. Kuiljeit desires to eliminate beggary, and thus often spends time educating poor children and trying to ensure inculcation of good values in them. She believes in sharing inspirational stories, employing energy to nurture talents like painting, sketching, sports, music etc and teaching young slum children not to beg, but live a life of self respect and dignity. She believes that the strongest glue to ‘evolving together as a progressive society is in our utter adherence to the basic human values of kindness, helpfulness and enthusiasm, in everything we do. 

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