As the World’s First Image Scientist, Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal has brought India on the global map in the Science of Persona and Image Management (PRIM). She has explored and determined diverse dimensions of the subject area, defined and created novel concepts, employed scientific research methodologies and empirical testing for the subject. Her scientific research and contribution has paved way for PRIM to be an integral part of Entrepreneurship Education and Management Training which shall eventually impact our economy. 

Dr. Kuiljeit has also introduced her invention as a gift to the world. The world’s first ever, scientifically driven new age quotient – PIQ, Persona & Image Quotient that helps to understand various elements of our image as individuals and identifies the scope for improvement, so that we can make a larger impact and become more effective to meet global challenges. PIQ is a great invention for the world in this digital era to help people evaluate, control and manage their in-person impressions and digital footprints. PIQ also emerges as a convenient way for employers to screen job applicants from any part of the world for their probable ability to build a personal brand and become an influencer in their area of expertise. 

She has also created a National Award winning innovative concept like D-PRIM that is very relevant and critical in today’s digital era and dynamism, for the growth and success of individuals and organizations.