Krea (Training & Consultancy) is the brainchild of the World’s First Image Scientist, Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal who has brought India on the global map in the science of Persona & Image Management (PRIM). Krea engages in human capital training and development in PRIM and Corporate & Management Skills to provide ‘the winning edge’ and polish to aspiring as well as accomplished professionals with the additional use of psychometrics, NLP, mind mapping and scientific tools like ‘PIQ’ created by Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal.

Her ideology and endeavour towards the Make In India movement is to make every aspiring Indian professional an epitome of confidence and global professionalism, who can fit into any sphere of work with abundant ease. She is on a mission of making a positive difference to the image of the youth and women of India, and eventually across the world.

Dr. Kuiljeit has trained thousands of youth, women and professionals across India in PRIM and Corporate & Management Skills; and she aims to continue to reach out to every individual, especially aspiring girls from higher education that are economically challenged, and mentor them free of cost to help them fulfill their dreams and aspirations in life. She believes in the preparation of a society characterized by novel and inventive individuals who have great personal competence, enviable image, confidence and social conditioning that can have a significant influence on the country’s growth and image at large. She is slowly creating a paradigm shift in this area!

Over and above the training that spans across PRIM, Strategic Self Management and Corporate Skills, Krea also provides its expertise in Train the Trainer for organizations that are looking at enhancement of their training work force, using systematized and proven methodologies.

Today the behavioural science of psychology has made rapid advances in enabling human understanding and appreciation of one's real potential. Krea trains professionals in psychometrics to facilitate better understanding of self as well as people around oneself in the personal, professional and social envelope. People from all walks of life can benefit from being trained on understanding the human being in a very extremely holistic manner in terms of Attitude, Beliefs, Values, Competency and Personality. Krea is in association with Oscar Murphy International, a reputed name in the world of psychometrics globally. 

Krea, through its consultancy in PRIM, Psychometrics and Neuro Linguistic Programming offers consultancy to individuals and groups for issues regarding image, human behaviour, beliefs and potential with respect to the environment and subjective experience. It also helps to overcome obstacles like phobias, negativity, beliefs etc and build stronger anchoring in relationships, an enhanced personality and the evolution of one’s inner self.