Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal has been a part of creating several educational books over the years in multiple areas like personality development, aviation, customer service, travel and tourism, hospitality etc. Her intense research work and scientific study in her area led her to co-author a Springer (USA) book on ‘Entrepreneurship Education: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Target Groups’ that has ushered Image Management into the fold of management education. As a global thought leader, she has co-authored a #1 Amazon Bestseller ‘Breakthrough’ on growth, happiness, and bounce backs. This book has been very well accepted across professional circuits the world over.

As the World’s First Image Scientist, Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal has authored her book ‘PRIM and POWERFUL’ on her core subject. This book which is launched on the 25th of January was a much-awaited one by the world. The book has a beautiful conversational tone with the reader and explains various aspects of one’s persona and image in extremely simple ways. The purpose of writing this book as per this amazing polymath is ‘to provide life-changing systems and concepts to a person who may not have understood or is unaware of the impact he/she makes; is oblivious of the guidelines that can aid his evolution for future growth and success, personally and professionally.

This book can be purchased globally on & Flipkart.  For readers in India, the book can be purchased on, For European readers click here.