PIQ - Discover the Power of Personal Intelligence with Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal

Concept and Creation


Persona and Image Quotient (PIQ) is a quotient and measure derived from scientific and empirically tested research methodologies designed to assess and determine the persona and image of an individual.

This innovation has been created by the World’s First Image ScientistDr. Kuiljeit Uppaal, who has been honoured with the prestigious ‘World Educator Award for Innovation’ as well as the ‘National Award for Innovative Concept’ amongst many other accolades.

PIQ is associated with factors related to the persona and image of individuals with reference to the blend of their inherent beliefs & preferences and social & psychological aspects of appearance. It includes values and beliefs, self concept, verbal skills, clothing and styling, cosmetics and makeup, colour aesthetics, grooming, etiquette essentials, communication, self branding and many such aspects. The PIQ highlights the individual’s existent level with regard to his/her persona and image as an individual and also hints at what people possibly think about him/her in relation to his/her persona and image at large.


Benefits and Utility  

PIQ scores can be used as indicators of individuals with confidence, poise, persona and elan. It is helpful in the professional area where individuals would require to represent their organisation on a regular basis wherein the consistency of a good image is imperative.  PIQ can emerge as a convenient way for employers to screen applicants for their probable ability to build a personal brand and become an ‘influencer’ in their area of expertise.

PIQ scores can enhance with knowledge acquisition and the ongoing process of the individual’s learning curve towards persona building. It is thus a good reckoner to identify a person’s areas of improvement. In order to be able to evaluate the score, a test structure is incorporated which gauges the current level of individuals on all the elements of Persona and Image Management (PRIM). Low scores can thus initiate training of PRIM whether in educational institutions (schools or higher education); corporate houses and organizations; government bodies; all other organizations; and individuals of all ages, profiles and levels across the world at large.

The purpose of the above is to give a huge advantage to every individual, to enhance their image and feel more confident about themselves in their personal and professional lives. To be able to make a larger difference to the youth of India and the world, this training should be incorporated as part of the curriculum at all levels of education. 

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