Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal loves to live life to the lees! She is not only a multipotentialite but also an acclaimed polymath with high multiple intelligences and expertise in several areas. She is multi-talented and loves to learn and evolve continually. She loves to wear her wings and watch the world from her aircraft, thousands of feet above in the sky. She has often been described as ‘a born aviator’ by her flying instructors and colleagues. Her passion and need for speed also extends to driving on the long stretches in her car exploring the beauty of India from north to south and east to west.  

She loves music and plays multiple instruments apart from being a good singer, who sings in several styles and languages. She has learn't Indian classical dance forms like Bharatnatyam and Kathak, and has also trained in other forms of world dance with SDIPA. She has choreographed ballets and dances by fusing Indian classical dance forms like kathak, bharatanatyam and odissi before international audiences.

Dr. Kuiljeit is a distinguished orator with a splendid base voice who has enthralled audiences world over. She enjoys lending her voice for films and advertisements, and her voice is across the five continents. She loves to watch movies of all sorts and indulge in creative critical analysis. She also likes to delve into her creative element of direction, script writing and acting once in a while.

She is a fitness freak and is passionate about multiple sports and has been part of the national games. From team games like basketball, kabaddi, volleyball to individual games like table tennis, badminton and athletic events like long jump, javelin throw ,discus throw, shot put and track relay events, she has been a sports enthusiast and champion at various levels. She is a good marksman and parade commander, and has also been the NCC Best Cadet of Andhra Pradesh. She won the silver medal as Best Cadet at the All India Republic Day Camp wherein she was one of the privileged cadets to dine with Late Prime Minister Shri Rajeev Gandhi and Shrimati Sonia  Gandhi. 

She is an ardent nature lover and has her own sense of connect with nature through her paintings, poetry and energy work. Philosophy comes to her naturally and she loves penning down her thoughts in blank verse and prose writings. Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal has also co-authored a not-for-profit motivational book with 16 women global thought leaders across 5 continents to support education for girls. This book on growth mind sets and success called ‘Breakthrough’ is today an Amazon # 1 Bestseller and doing its rounds in corporate houses and organizations as a motivational book for professionals and aspirants.

Her curiosity is that of a child that makes her an avid learner of anything that catches her attention from pottery, decoupage, screen printing, block printing and tie-n-dye to baking, knitting, stitching, interior design, gardening and landscaping amongst many other interests, Dr. Kuiljeit has enjoyed and adeptly mastered it all. 

Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal epitomizes the true talent of a polymath and a modern Indian woman.