Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal is the World’s First Image Scientist and an international award-winning Impact Strategist, Educationist, Scientistpreneur, Author and Polymath with over three decades of work experience. Awarded by the United Nations & iCongo for her global work in innovation and social impact, she has empowered thousands of people globally with her expertise, and has mentored celebrities, public figures, C-Suite professionals, business owners, the youth and women in PRIM with her inventions, scientific models and her signature ‘Power Moves’.

Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal coaches individuals to be a more powerful version of themselves, by helping them to manage themselves effectively and understand their Individual Impact Factor (IIF). In doing so, they are able to thus channelize numerous professional aspects that increase productivity as well as build towards their reputation. The consultation and mentorship provided by the Super Specialist is intended to develop and enlarge the individual’s ability to self-evaluate, monitor and manage one’s skills and responses. Individuals learn techniques to create better impressions as well as enhance their impact through their authentic representation and core values.

The engagement helps the individual to be well presented and better prepared to strategise and manage one’s goals and outcomes, rationalise better in decision making, enhance networking skills, tackle issues like procrastination, negative attitude, lack of accountability, time management etc. Personal growth is thus better pronounced. Coached individuals of an organisation thus contribute to the fabric of the organisation and become better team players.

Be it her book, group trainings, online course or one-on-one mentorships, the common denominator that underlies Dr Kuiljeit’s work is her pure passion to ‘making a difference’ to the lives of people across all profiles, ages, backgrounds and continents.

You as an individual, or you and your group / organisation could benefit from any of the following products of Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal’s ‘PRIMPACT’ (Impact through PRIM)- You as an individual, or you and your group / organisationcould benefit from any of the following products of Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal’s ‘PRIMPACT’ (Impact through PRIM)- .


Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal’s signature one-on-one Live Mentorship Program called 'YOUR POWER VERSION 2.0' is a personalized mentorship and coaching intervention. 

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Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal’s online course on Image Management wherein she teaches how PRIM can truly evolve you from within towards being a more confident, authentic and powerful version of yourself; and gives you tips and practical hacks through ‘power moves’ and activities. 

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Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal’s mission PRIM Worldwide: Mission Possible, defines her purpose in life as wanting to make a difference in the lives of people in India and to global society. Her mantra is ‘Selfless Contribution’! It gives her immense solace to be able to contribute to the lives of the youth, professionals, and women across the world through the science of PRIM, which helps individuals to strengthen and evolve from the inner, outer and social self to become confident, effective, powerful and incredible versions of themselves.   To register please  Click Here.



Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal is a Super Specialist and Master Trainer who has trained the workforce of numerous corporates, organizations, educational institutions and groups in PRIM, strategic self-management and a plethora of corporate soft skills.   T o register please  Click Here


Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal has been honored as India's Top 100 Authors with the India Prime Award 2022 for her book PRIM & POWERFUL. This is the world’s first ever book on the science of PRIM for the global audience. It is aimed towards making a positive difference to people across the globe so that they can unleash their true potential and become a more evolved and powerful version of themselves. The book help the readers to realize the need to evolve, identify and understand their persona and image, as well as reinvent themselves to a more authentic, confident and incredible version from the inside as well as the outside. It also helps to augment your professional journey, enrich your employability skills and build your coping mechanisms in life through simple but powerful techniques. 

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