Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal is a respected Self Management and Impact Strategist who coaches individuals to be a more powerful version of themselves, by helping them to manage themselves effectively and understand their Individual Impact Factor (IIF). In doing so, they are able to thus channelize numerous professional aspects that increase productivity as well as build towards their reputation. The consultation and coaching provided by the Super Specialist is intended to develop and enlarge the individual’s ability to self evaluate, monitor and manage one’s skills and responses. Individuals learn techniques to create better impressions as well as enhance their impact through their authentic representation and core values.

The engagement helps the individual to be better prepared to strategise and manage one’s goals and outcomes, rationalise better in decision making, enhance networking skills, tackle issues like procrastination, negative attitude, lack of accountability, time management etc. Personal growth is thus better pronounced. Coached individuals of an organisation contribute to the fabric of the organisation and become better team players.