PRIM and Powerful - Transform Your Life with Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal's Program


Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal has been honored as India's Top 100 Authors with the India Prime Award 2022 for her book PRIM & POWERFUL. This is the world’s first ever book on the science of PRIM for the global audience. It is aimed towards making a positive difference to people across the globe so that they can unleash their true potential and become a more evolved and powerful version of themselves. The book help the readers to realize the need to evolve, identify and understand their persona and image, as well as reinvent themselves to a more authentic, confident and incredible version from the inside as well as the outside. It also helps to augment your professional journey, enrich your employability skills and build your coping mechanisms in life through simple but powerful techniques. 

This book can be purchased globally on   &   Flipkart.   For readers in India, the book can be purchased on   Amazon For European readers   click here .